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bison burgers
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Each year the SayersBrook Ranch hosts Bison Fest, the annual fund-raiser to provide scholarship dollars to deserving Washington County youths. One of the high points of the popular daylong celebration is the Bison Burger. These burgers are made from the same meat as our bison steaks and bison roasts. And the flavor is terrific. Whether you choose the 1/3 lb Sayers Standard or the 1/2 lb Super Skipper, just cook your burger to a delicious medium rare and add your favorite condiments to build a meal that you'll never forget. 1 (1/3 LB) BURGER CONTAINS 3.6 G FAT, 216 CALORIES, 65 MG CHOLESTEROL, 86 MG SODIUM, 0 G CARBS, and 43 G PROTEIN. Choose from 8 (1/2 lb) Super Skipper Bison Burgers or 12 (1/3 lb) Sayers Standard Bison Burgers.

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Bison is fantastic!
James E. (St. Louis, Missouri) 12/7/2013 9:28 AM
I've been buying from Sayersbrook for 5 years now. I love the meat and its high nutritional value. Buy Sayersbrook!
Great Burgers
Pat Aman (Fenton, MO) 2/6/2013 7:04 PM
I have eaten bison burgers from several sources and I prefer AG's over any other brand. They are great on the bar-b-que grill (we use hickory wood in our fire for flavor). I cook them a lot on a George Foreman grill. (Don't over cook because this will dry out the meat.) For this, I use several different you would season any regular burger meat. Bison has a unique flavor. I prefer it much more than hamburger. As a personal perference, I do prefer the meat hot. I don't like burgers warmed up in the microwave. This meat is awesome.
Cindy Arnall (St. Louis) 5/23/2012 10:54 AM
Hi, I bought your Bison burgers a couple of weeks ago. I used my electric skillet, seasoned them as I would my beef burgers, and cooked them slowly. I fooled my husband, I waited until he had his second meal of "burgers" and fries before I told them that they were Bison burgers. He couldn't tell the difference. I'll continue to purchase my Bison burgers from SayersBrook. Your prices are great and.....I also like the fact that you guys are located in Missouri!!
I LOVE these bison burgers.
Matt Martin (Saint Louis MO) 2/3/2012 10:12 PM
I bought some of these burgers a couple times from the meat vendors in Soulard Market in St.Louis and I have to say I would take two of these burgers over any 20-30 dollar steak at one of the restaurants around Soulard. I bought the 1/4 pound burgers and once I made them on the grill and another time on the stove in a frying pan and the flavor was great either way. I would definitely recommend them. I'm on the site checking out prices to order more. thanks for the Bison! If you are thinking of trying them DO NOT HESITATE! Just order them and enjoy! thanks! Matt
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