60 (1/3 lb) Bison Burgers (PLUS 24 Bison Snack Sticks FREE)

bison burgers

Bulk Bison Burgers

BUY MORE, SAVE MORE! A 20% Discount! Buy a 20 lb bulk package of our Bison Burgers and SAVE, PLUS you will recieve 24 of our Bison Snack Sticks for FREE. Purchased individually, these items would cost $149.75! These burgers are made from the same meat as our bison steaks and bison roasts. And the flavor is terrific. Just cook your burger to a delicious medium rare and add your favorite condiments to build a meal that you'll never forget. Bison is a high protein food source whose time has come again. In an era when people are constantly on the go and more apt to engage in outdoor activities, these tasty, easily transportable, high protein snacks are a great idea. All of our bison snacks are ideal for backpacking, camping, sports activities, or anytime that you want an energy boost. They are particularly good lunch box stuffers. They easily take the place of sweets or other empty calories. The pick-me-up from the past is truly the energy boost of the new millennium.

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